Month: September 2016

  • Install ext-intl on Mac OSX using homebrew and XAMPP

    This was a painful process for me, it took quite a while to figure out why such a simple implementation when using ubuntu, can be so much work in a Mac. We can’t just install the extension with apt-get like ubuntu, and its not already waiting to be uncommented like in windows, we have to […]

  • Integrating Zurb Foundation with Sass into WordPress

    1. Installing WordPress locally with a Child Theme. The first step is to install WordPress locally and setup a child theme. For more information on how to install and setup WordPress check out This Post. Both the style.css and functions.php files should look like the following: style.css /* Theme Name: Twenty Sixteen Child Author: Mammoth […]

  • WordPress: Multiple layouts in single.php, depending on post category

    This snippet allows you to server different views depending on post category. if($wp_query->query[‘category_name’] == ‘categoryname1’) { include_once( ‘template1.php’ ); } else if($wp_query->query[‘category_name’] == ‘categoryname2’) { include_once( ‘template2.php’ ); } else { include_once( ‘template3.php’ ); }