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  • Git Completion with Terminal/iTerm output theme

    Install Git Completion: Save the git-completion.bash file in your home directory: Installation Open your .bash_profile nano ~/.bash_profile Paste the following at the top of the file, make sure not to overwrite any other settings you may have put in the file. ###### GIT COMPLETION – START ###### parse_git_branch() { git branch 2> /dev/null | […]

  • Simpler way of adding for CakePHP3 on OSX with Mamp

    Simpler way of adding for CakePHP3 on OSX with Mamp

    In a Nutshell we just need to do get the full binary package of PHP and install it on OSX, this version comes with, and we will copy it out of its install directory and drop it into our PHP version. Get & Install the Binary Package This website provides the packages so we […]

  • Install ext-intl on Mac OSX using homebrew and XAMPP

    This was a painful process for me, it took quite a while to figure out why such a simple implementation when using ubuntu, can be so much work in a Mac. We can’t just install the extension with apt-get like ubuntu, and its not already waiting to be uncommented like in windows, we have to […]