Setting up WordPress

Setting up WordPress

  1. Download and install WordPress
  1. Transfer the WordPress files to your local host
  • Open MAMP and turn on the servers
  • Go to Applications/MAMP/htdocs
  • Create a new folder called ‘My WordPress’ and transfer the downloaded files into this folder
  1. Create database
  • In your browser, go to localhost/phpMyAdmin
  • Open the ‘database’ tab and create a new database.

  1. New User
  • Still in PhpMyAdmin open the database you just created

Make sure you have selected the correct database as this

  • Open the ‘privileges’ tab
  • Click ‘add user’ and enter your information
  • Make sure ‘localhost’ is selected in the host dropdown box
  • Once information is inputted click ‘go’
  1. Accessing wordpress
  • In your browser search for ‘example.ld’
  • And then follow the instructions to install WordPress

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